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In my 35 years of consulting experience, I experience every assignment as a new challenge. This releases curiosity and energy in everyone involved and often leads to unexpected solutions. Even in complicated dynamics, I usually find a good way with those involved.

My posture (values) is distinguished: Intuition, clarity and respect

For some years now, conflict resolution (mediation) has emerged as one of my consulting focal points (in addition to coaching, team consulting and organizational consulting). I am still fascinated by how quickly and sustainably seemingly unsolvable conflicts can be resolved. Examples can be found in my books (Mediation in Organizations, Conflict Resolution in Teams and Organizations and Organizational Mediation).

Stationen meiner Berufsbiographie: Während meiner Schulzeit schon managte ich eine Beatband in Bremen und organisierte Konzerte, gleichzeitig gründete ich einen Verlag und gab dort eine Musikzeitschrift heraus.
Nach nicht bestandenem Abitur habe ich 1 Jahr als Kraftfahrer gejobbt und dort sehr grundlegende Erfahrungen in einer für mich fremden Arbeitswelt sammeln können.

Nach einer erfolgreichen Banklehre folgte das Studium der Sozialarbeit in Dortmund, danach Umzug nach Berlin, Praxis als Sozialarbeiter (erste Supervisionserfahrungen) und nebenher Studium der Soziologie und Psychologie (Diplomarbeit veröffentlicht: "Team-Supervision: Gruppenkonflikte erkennen und lösen", Berlin 1983), Promotion 1987 "Angst in Gruppen und Institutionen" (1988/2017)
1983 Gründung des Instituts TRIANGEL zusammen mit KollegInnen.

Already during his studies he worked as lecturer at the FHSS-Berlin, after his diploma 5 years as scientific assistant at the FU-Berlin (PhD: "Angst in Gruppen und Institutionen", Fischer 1988, Psychosozial 2017).

Afterwards, he expanded his previous independence as a supervisor and trainer in the TRIANGEL Institute, which was founded in 1983.

My focus there is:

  • (Organizational) mediation in organizations with colleagues, teams, management
  • Team-Coaching/-Supervision/-Development and organizational consulting
    (e.g. clinics, addiction, psychiatry, administration, services, associations, entrepreneurs)
  • Coaching (managers and executives from large and medium-sized enterprises, public administration, self-employed etc.)
  • Conflict moderation
  • Lecturer for: Mediation, Supervision, Coaching, OE and Conflict Management
  • Teaching Supervisor (Supervision and Mediation)

During my 10 years of part-time work (apart from TRIANGEL) I was able to gain managerial competence as the technical leader of a team of social workers in outpatient psychiatry.


"Harald Pühl, certainly one of the most original and well-known freelance supervisors in Germany."

Prof. Nando Belardi

(Ztr. OSC)

"Primordial Rock of Mediation"

Der Tagesspiegel

"Harald Pühl is one of the important authors and publicists who has summarized, published, broadened and deepened supervisorial thinking and research. With his three major handbooks, he has not only brought together knowledge and reflection".

Annemarie Bauer

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